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Top Dining Table Décor Ideas to Accessorize Your Space Without Hiring a Designer

It only takes a few decorations to completely change the look and ambiance of your dining area. By adding and changing a few things on your dining table, you can turn it into a masterpiece even without hiring a designer. However, have you considered what dining table décor you would add-in?

Fortunately, there are so many décor ideas that you can check out for your table. Let’s find out the best decorations that you can add to your dining area and the popular styles to incorporate.

The Best Dining Table Décor Ideas to Consider

If you don’t want to hire a designer to decorate your dining table, here are a few simple suggestions that you can follow:

1. Matching the Décor to the Table Design

When you’re designing a table, the first thing that you would do is to look for centerpieces that would provide contrast. This is done to add visual weight to the dining area as the components of the table would catch the eyes of your guests easily.

You can always match the design instead of finding a contrasting décor. Yes, even if you look for vases, bowls, and candlesticks that match the design of the table, it would still be eye-catching. You can place a white bowl on top of a white table and still add visual interest.

2. Adding Fresh Flowers

Nothing beats fresh flowers in making any decorated space more stunning. You don’t need to add unnecessary decors on top of the table. You just need a vase and put in fresh flowers.

The best thing about using flowers is that you can choose the type of mood you want your dining table to exude. By using red or white roses, you can bring about a romantic atmosphere in the dining area. A combination of irises and lilies can produce a summery vibe.

3. Try Asymmetry

Sometimes, putting the centerpiece at the side of the table can bring a unique appearance to your dining table. Well, they are usually placed at the center, but playing with asymmetry can help you create a unique style for your dining table.

You can put any centerpiece a bit off the center. However, make sure that it looks intentional and not unbalanced. You can place the décor near the edge of the table or you can position it at the corner.

4. Use your Candlesticks Creatively

Candlesticks are not only meant for special occasions. You can place them on your table as a form of ornament to make it look classy and unique. Although you can use almost any kind, it will work best on creatively-designed candlesticks.

This particular décor idea is perfect for homeowners with a wooden table. You can use black candlesticks and candles to match the design of the table. The candles at the middle of the table can capture the attention of any guest without triggering their minimalist nature. It would cohesion and contrast to the dining area.

5. Put Your Favorite Decorations Together

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick which decoration to put on top of your dining table. Should you use flower vases or should you use your candlesticks? You don’t have to think about this too hard since you can put them together.

When you put several items together, they will look related. This is a good décor idea to try, especially if you’re having a hard time choosing a centerpiece to use. Cluster your centerpieces together and watch how it transforms your dining area.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Colors

Most people avoid using too many colors on their decorations as they might look childish. Don’t be afraid to incorporate multiple colors in your dining table. You just have to know what colors would match each other.

You can mix and match light colors on top of the table. You can add multiple vases with different colors. Make sure that you also add in a few ornaments around the dining area that would complement the design of your table.

7. Fresh Fruits

The decoration that you’re looking for can be found in the kitchen. Since it’s about the dining table, using food to decorate it won’t be a bad idea. The best thing to place on top of your table is fruits.

You can just bring out a huge bowl and put the fruits inside. You can opt for a single fruit or you can add in different kinds. If you have a better holder, you can bring it out and put your fruits there.

Slicing a few fruits can also add a more natural vibe to the table. The aromatic scent from the fruits can also bring a citrusy taste to the atmosphere.

8. Use Table Runners

Yes, table runners are a bit traditional and most of you might say that they don’t have a place in contemporary design. However, new designs are introduced in the market that can bring out the unique and modern vibe of your dining table.

To start, choose a thinner and shorter table runner. It’s better if you choose black or any other color that would accentuate the design of the table. The design won’t be complete without low-profile dinnerware as well as some modern decoration to go along with the table runner.

9. A Small Centerpiece on a Huge Table

If you have a big family and your table is bigger than a six-seater, adding a small decoration in the middle would suffice. You don’t have to put so many items on top of your table. Although plants and flowers would be a good choice, nothing beats a minimalistic approach.

You can use a small ornament on top of the table and place it at the center. It would make your table and dining area more spacious, especially if you include the natural lighting from outside.

10. Use a Double Décor

Instead of using a single decoration or a group of items as centerpieces, you can just use two and bring a balance to the table. You can create contrast by using a tall and a short item as the centerpieces. You can also create a balance by using two items with the same height.

The items would depend on your preference. Make sure that you choose something that you love so you would enjoy the ambiance of the dining area.

11. Use a Tray

One of the best ways to make everything neat and organized at your table is to use a tray. By putting things inside a platter, you can combine them seamlessly like they’re just a single item. The focus will be on the coaster itself so you need to look for a creatively designed model.

You can put vases, candlesticks, bowls, and other decorations that you can think of. This will also make your space more dynamic without any messy decorations. Place it at the center of the table to fully take advantage of its unique design.

12. Go Bare

There are times when you don’t really need to put any décor on top of the dining table, especially if it’s made from rattan. This type of table is like a decoration on its own so you can just leave it bare and let your guests savor its natural design.

You can opt for a full rattan dining table or you can opt for a combination of other types of wood. Rattan can produce a sweet and natural vibe that would bring more liveliness to the dining area.

13. Use Books

Adding a small pile of books at the center can easily bring out the unique vibe of your dining table. You don’t have to leave it there while you’re eating. Just put a few books at the table when it’s idle as it can enhance the overall appearance of the dining area.

You can pile two to three books and make sure that they are not too thick. You need to be very specific with the colors as well. Mix and match them with the color and design of your dining table.

14. The Elegance of Dark Décor

Dark decorations might be a bit bold for your dining table, but they can definitely bring out their beauty and elegance. You can buy black decors for your table and switch them up from time to time to transform your space.

If the area is already dark and cozy, it will make the dining more grounded. If the decors are brighter, it will provide a dose of contrast to your dining room and accentuate the designs.

How to Choose a Dining Table

Since you already know how to decorate your dining table, it’s time to know how to find one that would fit your preference. Tables come in different shapes, sizes, and designs so here are a few simple tips that you can follow.

1. The Size of the Table

Before anything else, the first rule in buying a dining table is to make sure that it fits the dining area. You should also see to it that there would be enough space for you to move around once the table is placed. You need to remember that your family will pull the chairs so they can sit and dine at the table. If the table is too big, the space in the area will be too crowded.

When choosing a table, you need to have at least 22 to 24 inches of space. If you’re going to use larger chairs, then you will surely require more. Opting for a smaller table might be a smart idea, but it’s not going to work if you have a big family. You need to think about the number of people who will dine at the same time.

2. Choosing the Shape

It’s not always a good idea to opt for a rectangular-shaped dining table. There are instances where a circle or oval-shaped table would be a better choice. Before you choose the shape, it’s better to understand your preference as it would help you decide what to pick.

If you have a big dining space, a square or rectangular table would be a good choice. If you have more people in your house, it’s also the most suitable option. If your space is very small or you only have three or four people dining at the same time, you can opt for an oval or circle table.

Round and oval tables are best for parties because you won’t have to decide who will sit at the head of the table. They also provide a more intimate and friendlier atmosphere since you’re not too far from each other while eating.

3. What’s the Best Material?

If you plan to buy a dining table, you need to be very picky with the material. Here are some of the options that you can choose from:

  • Wood: It is a popular choice when it comes to dining tables and they offer more versatility when it comes to decorations. Mango, teak, and acacia are very popular, but people are now choosing rattan because of its unique, back-to-nature vibe.
  • Wood veneer: It is a more affordable option than solid wood. Instead of the natural wood design, a thin layer of material is glued to plywood to make it look like real wood.
  • Stone: A lot of people are using stone tables today. It includes marble, cast stone, and quartz composite. They are a bit heavy so you will have a hard time moving them around.
  • Glass: This type of material is very affordable and they come in clear, frosted, or tinted models.
  • Metal: There are a few designs where metal is used for the tabletop. They are often used for table bases. You can choose from brass, zinc, stainless steel, and lacquered or painted models.


You don’t need to hire a designer to decorate your dining table. Experiment with different centerpieces and go beyond the norm. Mix and match the usual decors, add complementing and contrasting colors, or go bold and throw in different ornaments on the table. Play around with the dining table and just backtrack if something is not right with the things that you added.

If you want to do the redecoration, you just have to look for the right centerpieces and find the best dining table that you can place in your house.