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Where To Buy The Best Stylish Patio And Outdoor Wicker Furniture Online

Are you in the market for patio furniture? A patio is an excellent way to expand your living space. In the warm months, it is a great place to gather and host. When planning your patio, you must consider patio furniture. Though some outdoor wicker furniture can be an investment, it provides comfortable seating for guests. 

We will outline different types of patio furniture and the pros and cons of different materials. After that, we discuss some of the top websites to shop for your new furniture. Keep reading to learn how to furnish your outdoor space.

Finding Patio and Wicker Furniture Online 

There are many different brands and manufacturers of patio furniture on the market. Knowing the best place to shop will help you choose what works best. We’ve outlined a list of where to buy patio and outdoor wicker furniture. 

Types of Patio Furniture

When shopping for patio furniture, there are plenty of different types you can get. This will vary largely on the amount of space you have and how many guests you want. You can choose from dining tables to sections. Each option will provide an excellent result. 

Some of our favorite types of patio furniture include:

Bistro sets 

Bistro sets are compact, two-seater sets that are perfect for you and your spouse. Enjoy a cup of morning coffee on these small sets. If you have limited space, a bistro set is a perfect option. 

Dining tables

Choose from anywhere between 6 and 10-person outdoor dining tables. If you have a large space, this is an excellent option. With a dining table, you’ll have a great place to host outdoor dinner parties on your patio. 

Conversation sets

Conversation sets usually come with a loveseat and two chairs; however, you can buy other styles. This provides intimate, several seater options for your patio. You’ll be able to look at people as you have a conversation and sit comfortably around a fire table or heater. Find a set that seats anywhere from 4 to 8 people.


If you’re looking to cozy up on the patio with someone you love, a sectional is a great option. Usually shaped in an “L” or “U” shape, a sectional provides attached seating for a comfortable setting. 

Patio Furniture Material Types

Depending on the climate that you live in, there may be a better material for you. There are several different patio furniture material types to choose from. When deciding, take into consideration the amount of moisture and heat your patio furniture may experience. 

Some common options include:

  • Teak

Teak is expensive but durable. This natural wood resists weather damage and can last years when properly cared for. Featuring a high oil content, it won’t rot, decay, or become home to insects. 

  • Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a more cost-effective option, as it grows quickly. However, eucalyptus furniture will require some maintenance to ensure resistance.  

  • Metal

Metal is a very durable option for outdoor furniture. It can have endless design options and add a unique industrial feeling to your space. Some metals are heavy and may be difficult to move. One major fallback to metal is that it can rust and corrode in wet temperatures. 

  • Resin and plastic

These are man-made synthetic materials. They are becoming more popular due to their durability and inexpensive price point. If you purchase an “all-weather wicker”, you’ll have to do little to maintain the furniture. Because of the benefits, resin and plastic is a fan favorite.

With the majority of furniture sets, you’ll have upholstered cushions that you’ll have to care for. Make sure to not let upholstery sit in water or the sun for too long to maintain its integrity. 

Top Websites for Patio Furniture


Just about anything can be purchased from this mega-retailer. Patio furniture is no exception. On Amazon, you can browse different patio furniture from many brands. This will allow you to research different companies and reviews. 

Because Amazon has so many options, you’re guaranteed to find something you like. A bonus is that many brands can be purchased through Amazon Prime, meaning that you’ll receive them in two days. 


If you’re looking for the best value, head to Walmart. This is an excellent place to shop on a budget. They feature rollback pricing, which gives you an unmatched discount. Walmart has a great selection of patio furniture. From conversation sets to bistro sets to sectionals, you’re sure to find something that fits your space. 


This major retailer has more than 2000 sets to choose from! Their selection is incredible. Wayfair also features free shipping on large purchases and in-depth reviews from other buyers. You can shop lounge furniture and custom furniture on this website. It’s easy to navigate and has dozens of different styles to match your personality. 


Not only does Lowe’s have several patio sets to choose from, but they also feature many accessories to pair it with. You can tailor your backyard or patio to compliment you with their unmatched selection. 

Shop additional pieces such as heaters and privacy screens to make your patio a perfect place for hosting. 

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel isn’t as budget-friendly as other options, but it does have a large selection of different materials. Whether you’re looking for metal, wicker, or wood furniture. This manufacturer has you covered. They keep up with trends and their furniture is high-quality. 


If you think you want to invest in an outdoor dining set, Macy’s is the place to go. They carry just about everything you can imagine, and they offer a 12-month financing plan. You can shop a range of price options from super affordable to investment pieces. 

With over 6000 patio items, Macy’s is an excellent place to go for a quick shop. Your purchase will transform your patio. 

Rattan Imports

Rattan Imports features some of the best quality rattan and wicker decor on the market. With free shipping and a great selection, you’re bound to find a great option for you. Toggle between outdoor patio and outdoor dining sets depending on what you’re looking for. 

Rattan Imports has built a stellar reputation in the furniture industry, and for good reason. Shop their unmatched selection of products on their website. 


Are you ready to purchase your dream patio furniture? Being educated on different materials and styles is the best way to shopoutdoor wicker furniture. By shopping at any of the places we have suggested, you’re bound to find a perfect patio set to complement your outdoor living space.