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Incredible Living Room Decor Ideas & Designs In 2021

Adding room décor is easier said than done, especially in the living room. You need to be very creative and you know how to mix, match, and add contrast to get the unique appearance that you want. However, do you have any idea how to get started? Have you considered what decorations you would add to your sitting room?

No need to fret as we will guide you through all the best and the latest decoration ideas and designs that you can incorporate into your living room. You will also know about the common mistakes that you need to avoid when decorating your sitting space.

Popular Living Room Decoration Ideas in 2021

If you plan to bring your living room design to the next level, here are some of the best design ideas that you can consider:

1. Green and White Color Scheme

One of the most versatile and simplest design ideas for your living room is to use green and white colors for the décor. You should get two-tone prints with the same palette for the sofa and curtains. They don’t need to have the same patterns. As long as you use exactly the same color, you can use different patterns and still create a cohesive design.

Aside from the sofa and curtain designs, you can add botanical artworks around the living room. It’s better to use white walls as it would accentuate the green color of the room. Add white pieces on the side table to create a modern and airy feeling.

Using natural materials will also improve this design. You can add wood consoles or rattan furniture to add warmth to the living room.

2. Combining Wood with a Monotone Design

Most people prefer a simple and modern design. They usually come up with a minimalistic approach using modern décor. With this design, you can get the same unfussy vibe without buying expensive decorations. You just need to use wood for the floor and the ceiling and incorporate neutral colors on the furniture.

This design can make the space more natural, airy, and roomy. Using white for the sofa and curtains can emphasize the wood items that you placed around the living room.

3. Dividing your Living Room

As your family grows, the space in your living room becomes more and more crowded. Your kids will play with their toys at the front, your partner is on the side doing work, there are people watching TV, and more.

If your living room is a bit big you can divide it semi-permanently. You can add dividers in your living room to create different private spaces. This would allow the whole family to do whatever they want in the living room without disturbing the others.

4. Using Furniture Scaling

Most of the modern houses being built right now are making their ceilings a bit taller. It gives an airy feeling in the room and it would look more spacious as well. However, some old houses have low ceilings. Will you spend a lot of money to make it higher? No, you just need the right furniture to make it bigger.

For the couch, pick something very low. Comfort won’t be an issue as the guests would feel more at home because the seat is close to the ground. Low furniture can also make the space more relaxed so it’s perfect if you always host your friends or family members in the living room.

5. The Return of the Floral Design

Floral designs became a hit in the past, especially for living rooms. Your parents may even have a few floral pillowcases in the cabinet. Don’t be afraid to use these designs as they are perfect to make the space more welcoming and colorful.

However, there is a technique to make this more effective. If you’re going to use the floral design on the couch, make sure that the background is plain white. This will emphasize the color schemes of the flowers.

6. Proper Usage of Wall Papers

Most people prefer a painted wall instead of using wallpapers. It’s because they don’t have any idea how to properly use them. You should opt for bold wallpaper designs if you prefer more décor in your living room. You can use floral designs for your walls or patterns.

You just need to balance them by using a contrasting color for the furniture. If you decide to use patterns for your wall with a combination of light colors, you can pick blue or pale green for the living space. This would help reduce the effect of the pattern and prevent it from overshadowing the rest of the decorations.

7. Using a Bold Artwork

If you think that your living room design is too simple and minimalistic and you want to change it, you don’t need to use a lot of furniture. You only need some bold artworks that you can display on the wall and you can completely transform the space.

You don’t need to add more colors to the furnishings. Just pick an artwork depending on the ambiance that you want the living room to have. Make sure to check the architectural features of the area, lighting, color scheme, and more when you’re choosing a specific artwork. It will be the focal point of the space so you should never pick randomly.

8. Mixing Different Motifs

It’s a fact that mixing different motifs can turn a specific design into a battlefield. The decorations will try to overshadow each other, making the space look restricting. However, using the right décor can make this possible.

You should use monochromatic color schemes and use different motifs in your living room. As long as they have the same hue, you can have different patterns and designs without making it too busy. You can also use light colors on the background and create a contrast by using a strong color on the furniture.

9. Using an Accent Wall with Art Works

Accent walls became a popular designing idea for houses in 2021. New and modern houses are using them to create a unique design on a plain room. You can also do this with your living room by painting a specific wall with your chosen color and using artworks to make it more appealing.

You can start by choosing a color that would fit the current design and style of your living room. If you plan to replace the furniture, you can paint the accent wall first before you buy the decorations. Add a few paintings on the wall to make it look classy and elegant. However, don’t overdo it and only display a few artworks.

10. Focusing on the Floor

If you want to liven things up in your living room, the best thing to focus on is the flooring. You can decide about the decorations by looking at your current floor design. You can choose a plain white floor and add a bold carpet to emphasize the furniture. You can also use wooden floors to make the area more relaxing and rustic.

You can use the floor as the basis and work on the decorations after. Just make sure that whatever you put in your living room will match your flooring design.

11. Investing in a Designer Rug

Believe it or not, choosing the right design for the rug can completely change the appearance of your living room. Sometimes, the mat is the only element missing with your dull sitting space. If you plan to buy this, you should go all out and use a big one. Rugs that are meant to cover a small space under the coffee table are already outdated. Get a bigger one that would cover even the furniture and sofa set.

The design of the rug can match the design of the decorations or you can choose a contrasting color instead. You have the freedom to choose whatever carpet you want as long as you know how to mix and match the colors.

12. Wood and Rattan Décor

If your living room has a lot of natural lighting, it would be a perfect choice to use wood and rattan decorations. The natural lighting can bring out a rustic appeal to your living room, making it look like an outdoor sitting area.

Don’t use bright colors for the pillowcases and stick with neutrals like white or gray. You can also add some patterns if you want but only use the simple ones so it won’t make the area too busy.

There are tons of amazing rattan furniture that you can incorporate into your living area. They are so versatile that they would even look great in a modern setting.

13. Adding Storages

Sometimes, it’s hard to pick a design for your living room because there are so many things that you don’t want to remove. You may have a lot of books in the area or there are other things that you want to keep there for more convenience.

If you want to design your living space, but you don’t want your important things to be removed, add storage. It’s not a bad idea to add cabinets or built-in cupboards to display your books and other things. They can also add a bit of design and appeal to your sitting area as long as they are neatly placed on the side.

14. Bring Nature Inside

One of the best things that you can do to lighten up the mood in your living room is to bring nature inside. Putting plants and other greens can make the atmosphere cool and vibrant. Using an earthly palette can create a very soothing vibe in your sitting space.

On top of the coffee table, you can also add fresh fruits to match the decoration. Use light colors for the furniture and don’t use too many patterns.

15. Playing Dark and Light Colors

Usually, you will opt for a light-colored wall and dark-colored furniture. It’s a good choice, but switching them up can make a big difference in terms of design. You can go for a dark-colored wall and use furniture and decorations with a lighter color.

The dark walls will emphasize the unique design and color of the furniture. The interior will also be brighter and more colorful because of this.

Living Room Mistakes to Avoid

Since you already have an idea of how to design your living room, the next step is to know what to avoid. It’s easy to get carried away when designing your sitting space so you need to have some guidelines to make sure that you’re adding the right decoration.

1. Relying on Showroom Designs

When you’re looking for furniture in stores and malls, it’s easy to get hooked on their showrooms. They look elegant and sophisticated, but they don’t have that personal touch. If someone enters your house and sees the decorations that look like they’ve been purchased from the same place, it will surely look weird.

If you want something that would stand out, you need to do your research and create your own design. You can follow other décor ideas, but it’s better to add some vintage elements to make it look personal.

2. Rug is Too Small

It’s mentioned earlier that using a big rug is better for aesthetic purposes. This is a fact and using something too small can hurt the visual appeal that you’re looking for. If you’re going to put a small rug, then it’s better if you won’t place anything at all as it will look out of place.

Don’t be afraid to use a large carpet in your living room. It doesn’t matter if your space is too small. As long as it covers the sofa set and the coffee table, then it’s good.

3. Not Planning Ahead

Like many other day-to-day things that you do, decorating your living room requires careful planning as well. What are the furniture and decorations that you need to get? Do you have to buy new ones or do you already have them in your house? What color schemes are you going to use? Is there anything that you would need to fix or upgrade in your living room?

These are only some of the questions that you need to answer when you’re planning a sitting room makeover. If you’re the type of person who only uses what’s available and makes plans as they go, then you will have a hard time designing your sitting space.

4. Incorrect Placement of Arts and Paintings

It’s very easy to put your art and paintings on the wall, but are you certain that they look good in your living room? Most people simply put the art at the center without really looking at the overall visuals of the sitting space.

Randomly putting the paintings on the wall is a lot worse than not putting anything at all. The best way to prevent this from happening is to visualize that the wall is cut into four sections vertically. The art should be placed at the third quadrant starting from the floor.

5. Expensive Items are Not Better Options

Most of you would say that adding more expensive items can make a space more elegant. Although expensive décor is definitely appealing, there are cheaper alternatives that will not break the bank. Instead of buying sofa sets, artworks, and other living room items worth thousands of dollars, look at its overall design. Your main purpose is to beautify the sitting area so you need decorations that would complement each other.

You can even use recycled items as decorations for your living room. If you have old plastic bottles, there are a few tutorials on how you can turn them into amazing pieces of art. You can refurbish old sofa covers and bring them to an experienced tailor to create something unique.

6. Overly Decorated Sofas

One of the common mistakes of homeowners is using overly decorated sofas for their living room. There are other things in your sitting area that require your attention and it’s not only the sofa. If the sofa has a lot of design and decorations, the design of the space will be an imbalance. The focus will be on the sofa and the other elements will be forgotten.

When designing your living room, you need to balance everything so using a simple sofa is the best way to do it. You can always add other decorations later on if you think that it’s too simple for the design that you want.

7. Ignoring the Coffee Table

It’s fine if you don’t want to add a coffee table to your living room. However, it won’t be a good idea to simply buy a random table just to say that you have one. A lot of people think that these small details will not have any effect on the interior design of their sitting area. Even the smallest decoration on the side table is noticeable so you need to be very strict when choosing a coffee table.

When choosing a coffee table, you should let functionality and your lifestyle guide you in choosing the best design. Always choose a design that will bring more harmony to your living area.

Reasons Why It’s Beneficial to Decorate your Living Room

The living room is the place where you let your guests stay inside the house. It’s also the first area that they will see once they enter your house. Some would say that the first impression starts with the exterior design of the house. However, the look and feel of your sitting room will be the first thing that they would remember.

Before you start decorating your living room, here are a few reasons to fuel your excitement and creativity.

1. You Spend More Time in your Living Room

You might pick a kitchen or bedroom, but the majority of people spend their time in the living room. The entertainment is usually placed there like your television, board games, and more. Food is served in the dining area so it’s not a good idea to hang out in that part of the house. The bedroom is more personalized, but it’s very lonely.

The living room is the place where all the family members bond together. This is the reason why you often think about the living room when you think of decorating the house.

2. It’s a Place of Relaxation

After a long day at work, you usually just slump on the couch when you get home. Do you usually go to the bedroom? No. You stay in the living room for a while before you go to the bedroom to sleep.

You want to make sure that the place where you relax looks and feels comfortable. If there are so many things in your living area and the designs are out of place, it would feel gloomy and depressing.

3. It’s Multi-Purpose Area

Yes, your living room is a multi-purpose area since you can turn it into your office, reception area, and you can even transform it into a dining place if you want. There are instances where multiple people sleep in the living room as well.

You need to design your living room in a way that would suit all these things. By designing your living area, you are also designing the entirety of your house. Since it’s the focal point of the house, you have to make sure that it has the best visual appeal among the other areas.


Setting the tone for the rest of the house is the main goal of your living area. You have to be very meticulous with the design that you will choose as it would also reflect the type of personality that you have. Make sure that you inject your own creativity with the living room décor ideas mentioned above.

Turning your living room into a masterpiece is not a dream anymore. Find the right furniture and decorations for your living area and let your creativity do the work.