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How to Choose a Designer Chaise Lounge Chair That Will Complement Your Decor

The chaise lounge chair is an elegant addition to practically any living space. These chairs are great for giving your living room a nice flare. They are the perfect picture of relaxation and class. Do you want an eye-catching conversation setup for guests? Maybe you are thinking about adding a chaise to help show off the beautiful view of your property. Since living rooms vary in size and style, it is important that you choose a setup that works best with your home. Here is more information that will help you choose a designer chaise lounge chair that goes well with your decor. 

Choosing a Chaise for Your Decor

Living rooms and seating arrangements of any style in your home can benefit from an added chaise. The difficulty lies in choosing the right design that will match your current decor. Here are a few potential scenarios, styling tips, and suggestions to help you get started: 

Two Chaises & The Fireplace

Does your living room have a fireplace? If so, you already have the perfect statement piece and focal point. One indoor chaise lounge in the living room is a refreshing addition, but two will stand out even more. Try using two of the same chaise lounges facing inward in front of your fireplace. This will encourage conversation among guests and provide relaxation at the same time. This setup is also good for small living rooms that do not need much furniture to appear fully decorated. 

A Chaise By the Window

Placing a chaise beside a living room window has dual benefits. As you relax in your living room, you can also take in the natural sunlight that enters the area through your window. The lighting is also great for showing off the design and flair of your chaise.  

If your house is surrounded by a scenic view, consider placing the chaise near the window that showcases it. This way you or a guest can take in the beauty of the flora and fauna while relaxing. Add a few accent pillows to match the decor around the room or a houseplant to complement the great outdoors.  

Conversational Arrangement

If you happen to host guests often, a chaise is great for inspiring conversation. You can turn your longue chair around to face the other couches in the area. This makes conversation comfortable and easy. Use your chaise to fill in any empty spaces as an added bonus. 

Contemporary Feel

If your living room shies away from a traditional feel and opts for contemporary pieces, you can add a modern chaise lounge with a low profile. Use a chaise that showcases a neutral tone for a sleek, trendy appearance. A light color will help your chaise blend in with the existing feel of your living room.  

Using Colors to Coordinate Your Chaise 

Use your new chaise as an accent piece by matching the color of your lounge chair to accent pillows. By matching pillows on nearby couches, you can also provide a refreshing contrast to the rest of your living room. 

Up the ante with small decorations that match the color of the chaise. Introduce your lounge chair as the room’s focal point with a bold color choice, or allow it to coordinate with surrounding pieces of furniture. 

Creating an Entertainment Setup

Are you a fan of hosting game day parties? Do you enjoy watching the newest box office release from the comfort of your own home? Use two modern style chaises, preferably with a minimalist look. This ensures that the attention stays on your living room’s entertainment center. The room will also sport a feel of luxury.

Choosing a Neutral Chaise

Do you want your living room to maintain a natural, calm appearance? By choosing a neutral color for your chaise, it will have the ability to serve as a functional piece. This will allow you to showcase your new piece of furniture without making it a point of focus. Match the fabric of your chaise to existing fabrics in the room for little or no contrast. For example, the warm beige tone ‘Alero Beach’ on a South Sea Rattan St. Tropez Chaise Lounge flows nicely with any previous setup. 

How to Pick the Chaise Lounge Style that Suits Your Decor

These upholstered, long chairs allow you to recline. They first became popular in boudoirs styled by the French. Victorian-style versions became popular in the offices of psychotherapists. While daybeds are for sitting and sleeping, the chaise is better for simply lounging. The chaise lounge chair has 3 main styles - Méridienne, Récamier, and Duchesse Brisée. 

The Méridienne-Style Chaise

  • This style of chaise is very popular and is the most common.
  • The back and headrest of these chairs are asymmetrical in design.
  • With this chaise style, you can recline sideways against its backside. This prevents you from having to worry about falling backward.
  • Most of these chaises are upholstered and created with extra padding for the ultimate experience in comfort. 

The Récamier-Style Chaise

  • Instead of having a backside like the Méridienne-style chaise, the Récamier-style has raised ends with no sides. 
  • The headrest and footrest are both curved upwards.
  • Either end of this style of chaise can be used as the backrest area.
  • This chaise design became popular after its use by Madame Recamier in the 1800s. 

The Duchesse Brisée Chaise

  • The phrase “duchesse brisee” means “broken duchess” in English. 
  • This style of chaise is made up of 2 or 3 parts that can be separated. 
  • The chair and footstool pieces can be put together to create a chaise, or pulled apart and used as individual pieces of furniture. 


Achaise is a perfect way to showcase your living room with a unique flair while promoting relaxation or conversation. Consider placing a couple of chaises in front of your fireplace for a classy ambiance. You can also use the space near your window for your chaise to take in some sunlight and show off a breathtaking view. Host the perfect parties by using your new chaise for a game day setup. For more patio, living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture options, contact the experts at Rattan Imports.