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Amazing Small Patio Ideas & Designs To Improve Your Garden Space

For most people, a patio is one of the best places in your home. It allows comfort and relaxation outside. Despite the size of your outdoor living area, you can design it to look amazing. Though more space might be easier, there are several small patio ideas that you can use. 

We value design tips that open the space up and make it feel cozy. To make the most of your small space, bring in decor that accents your style. Your patio should be an extension of your home and is a great place for hosting. We’ll help you take your patio to new heights. 

How To Style Your Small Patio

We’ll discuss some of our favorite ways for optimizing your garden space. Keep reading to learn the tips and tricks for making your patio feel like home.

Comfortable seating

Having a main focal point of your space is necessary for a cohesive look. Comfortable seating acts as the main piece of your patio. Choose from different furniture such as couches, loungers, and egg chairs to make your space. A sectional is an excellent option for a small patio, as it wraps around and provides seating. However, if your space doesn’t accommodate that, consider a loveseat and some accent chairs.

It’s important to ensure that the furniture you choose is meant for outdoor use. Due to the elements, outdoor furniture will be made with different materials to last through the sun and rain.

When not in use, you’ll want to protect your cushions and finish with a water-repellent cover. Seating is often the biggest investment, so keeping it in good shape is important. Make sure to find something that looks good and is comfortable. 

Add extra seating 

Your patio should be a welcoming place to host guests. You can enjoy dinner on your patio or a glass of wine with great company. To accommodate several guests, invest in a sofa or lounge chair. This will provide a main focal point of your space. 

To add extra seating, use several comfortable pillows on the floor. You can also use stools to provide more room for guests to sit. Not only is this practical, but it provides a comfier aesthetic to your space. 

Accent with lighting

Lighting is the best way to add a beautiful ambiance to your garden space. Choose between outdoor chandeliers, string lights, and lamps to elevate your space. Light will add layers of appeal to your patio and allow it to be a usable space even when the sun goes down. 

When it comes to lighting, the more the merrier. Look for pieces that accent your design and look great hanging from the top of the patio. 

Add dimension 

Dimension brings the entire space together and makes it feel inviting and warm. To achieve this, you’ll want to layer different textures and colors. Also, make use of vertical space. 

You want everything on your patio to look intentional. This will make it look like one, cohesive space that was meant for relaxing evenings outdoors. Using knit blankets and throw pillows are an excellent option. 

Lots of greenery

Greenery is underrated, and it makes a big impact in a small space. Not only does it serve a purpose for the habitat, but it looks great. Choose between live greenery or faux plants depending on the amount of light you get on your patio. Nobody ever said there was such thing as too much greenery. So, get creative and have fun as you start planting. 

Add privacy screen 

Having privacy in your space is essential. This keeps neighbors from peering in and creates a warm, cozy feeling in your garden or patio. You can choose from several different privacy screens including wooden ones, metal ones, and faux greenery. 

If you have a carpentry background, you can easily make your own privacy screen. Remember that the purpose is to block spectators and enjoy your own private oasis. 

Purchase a fire table

A fire table poses virtually no threat to your home if you have a small space. Because they don’t throw sparks or ash, there’s no risk of starting a fire. However, a fire table can add warmth on cool nights and comfort for hosting guests. 

Fire tables come with many different styles and prices, so you can customize your outdoor space. 

Add pops of color

One of the best ways to add character to your space is to add pops of color. Choose from blue, red, green, or any other color to tie your outdoor space together. This will create visual interest and dimension to your outdoor living space. 

Consider using throw blankets, rugs, or pillows to complete your patio.

Ground accents 

Every inch of your patio should have thought put into it. This means that even the ground should have dimension and layers. One of the most inexpensive ways to do this is to add an outdoor rug. However, if you have a concrete floor and a higher budget, you can add wood tiles to the entire space. 


Accessories and decor help the space look refined and finished. You can choose from several different options  including:

  • Lanterns 
  • Vases
  • Placemats 
  • Sculptures 
  • Candles 
  • Side tables 

Looking on different websites for inspiration is a great way to get ideas for decorating. The best advice is to get creative, have fun, and choose pieces that speak to you. 


Designing your outdoor patio space is fun! You can choose from many incredible furniture options and decor to make the space feel welcoming and warm. Take every inch of your space into consideration for a perfect end product. 

Make sure that your space is both functional and stylish. Ensure you have enough seating to host guests and provide tabletops for drinks and food. There is plenty of online inspiration to help pull your space together. Using some of thesmall patio ideas that we’ve suggested will help as a great starting point for a patio that is inviting.