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Top 9 Home Styling Tricks To Make Your Small Living Spaces Furniture Look Bigger

Decorating a small room can be very tricky. You may feel annoyed about the lack of space to put your living spaces furniture. But, having a small room can have its benefits. It is easier to organize your room, decorate, or keep clean.

If you are feeling exhausted from decorating some small areas in your home, check out our small room ideas. There are several optical illusions and visual tricks that we use to make the room appear bigger!

Top 9 Tricks To Make Your Room Appear Bigger

While you can find a large variety of tips to make your living spaces furniture look larger, here are our top ones.

1. Light And Dark colors

You can use a mixture of light and dark colors to give your room some depth. A bright white on the wall is a famous tip to make your space feel bigger as they provide better lighting. The bright light and contrasting deep dark colors create depth. This gives the illusion that your room appears larger than usual. In contrast, medium shades often stress on the actual size of the room. Sometimes, it can even make the room look smaller than it is.

2. Exploit Hidden Storage Furniture

One thing that is very challenging to do in a small room is to increase the storage space. Companies now offer several gorgeous living spaces furniture that offer hidden storage compartments. Others have multi-functional features that allows you to make the room pretty. For example, you can use straw baskets to decorate the room and provide storage. You can also find sofas that have a hidden area under the seat to keep blankets or toys. It also helps to remove clutter, thus giving the appearance of open space.

3. Choose Long Curtains

By hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains in your room, it provides a vertical visual. It tricks the eyes to think that the space appears taller and bigger. You can find affordable floor-to-ceiling curtains in any color that you like. If your walls are in a light color, you can buy dark color curtains to provide even more contrast to the room. In the same way, if you painted your walls a dark color, a light curtain will be the focus of the room. Using several tips at the same time in one space will make sure that your room appears bigger.

4. Use Big Decorations

If you like using small decorations, your room can soon feel cluttered. By placing plenty of small knick-knacks together, it can be too much on the eye and make your room feel smaller. Instead, it is better to use big decorations and place them in symmetry. You can also follow the triangle rule when styling your table or dresser tops. Limiting your decor to 3-5 items per group will ensure that you are not being overzealous. Yet, not every surface of your space needs to have an item. You need open space for an optical illusion of a larger room.

5. Display Large Paintings

A small room is not the ideal place to enjoy hanging wall decors. But, if you feel that a painting would be nice, it is better to choose a large art piece instead of many small items. You can also leave some walls blank to avoid feeling overwhelmed by such a good deal of decor. If you want a small-piece gallery wall, it is best to put another large-scale art piece. An accent wall with a big piece of art immediately draws your attention. This tricks your mind into thinking that the space is bigger.

6. Opt For Several Light Sources

Instead of relying on an overhead light, you can opt for several lamps on the ceiling to make your space look large. Besides, the room looks more expensive and luxurious when using various light sources. This is a great way to make the room feel "open" if it usually gets a limited amount of natural light. If the light ceiling is not your favorite, you can get a few lamps for the room. You can choose lamps of the same design, then use the triangle rule or symmetry to organize them. Or else, you can also use several lamps to provide a unique touch to the room.

7. Get A Rug As The Center Piece

Placing a rug in the middle of the room, or under the couch, defines the spaces. It highlights the places that are functional to the room, for example, the couch to relax. The style, finish, color, and size should fit the room and its theme to ensure that the rug will be cohesive. Using small living space furniture like rugs allows you to make the room look finished. Also, it gives the illusion that your spot has more square footage, even if we do not realize it.

8. Get Exposed-leg Furniture

If you have sofas, beds, or chairs with skirts around them, they can look too boxy for the room. But, if you buy small space furniture with exposed legs made of different materials such asrattan, they create an illusion of a bigger spot. A room with a boxy appearance because of the furniture can give a closed visual. This can enhance the visual of the small space.

9. Choose large statement pieces

A large statement furniture in a room, like any accent in the room, will draw attention to that space. It is better to organize the accent pieces according to the symmetry of the triangle rule. For example, one statement chair and a large sofa is a better approach to make the room feel bigger compared. Even if the furniture barely fits in the room, it will still make your spot look bigger.

Make Your Space Look Bigger

Decorating a small room in your home will now be less daunting with our tips. You can mix and match the tips above to fit your style and preferences. 

You can use several pieces of furniture and decorations to create the optical illusion of a bigger area. Check out thebest living spaces furniture available on the market right now. Happy decorating!