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How To Achieve Boho-chic Room Style With Rattan Furniture

How To Achieve Boho-chic Room Style With Rattan Furniture

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Boho-chic room design never goes out of trend, because it's all about color, texture, and ambiance. And you can never go wrong when designing a boho-inspired look for your house. Bohemian style is nothing without unique furniture styles; mixing in colorful throw pillows and floor cushions with patterned or layered rugs is what defines a bohemian style. 

This style is about warmth and comfort. It's about creating an inviting and welcoming space, but also one you'll enjoy spending time in. And the best way to emphasize this is by having a rattan element added to your home and incorporating it with the design to bring out your desired boho-chic room result.

The word “rattan” conjures images of sun-drenched beaches and
1960s Polynesian women in flowy dresses. It calls to mind the vibrant floral prints of the era — think The Beatles in their Aloha from Hawaii days. Or maybe you immediately think of Hawaiian furniture, such as the bamboo-like screens and tiki chairs that are an iconic testament to our national obsession with the tropics.

Earthy Stones and Rattan Tables for Boho-themed room

While many people think of bohemian décor as colorful and whimsical, it can also be minimalist and minimalist. But no matter what your style, there are certain elements that you should include in every room.

The color palette you choose in your home can set the tone for your overall design style. Earthy tones add a natural but edgy feel that makes you at ease. Boho-chic room designs tend to have various pops of color and patterns, while earthy tones set a great foundation to build upon. 

Bohemian decorating means lots of color and patterns. It's important to remember that the foundation doesn't necessarily have to be warm. In fact, cool earthy tones like light gray might fit your bohemian home even more. However, warm tones are much easier to add when you want to incorporate brighter colors or intricate patterns.

It is also great to pair earthy stone elements with rattan tables. Depending on the design and what you are going for, these two can definitely complement each other.

Go Vintage

You've got the freedom to go vintage in your backyard, with antiques adding a wow factor. Find a perfect mix of salvaged pieces and boho chic items to create an outdoor space that everyone will want to hang out in. It's all about peace and doing it in style.

Vintage furniture can spice up a bohemian space and make it all cozier. Whether you're looking for a timeless couch with unusual features or a retro lamp, vintage furniture enhances a space with a unique charm that is hard to match. Since most vintage pieces are one-of-a-kind, they are also great for those who prefer a style that is very "unique."

Mixing vintage furniture into your home decor adds a unique character to any room. But to bring out the best way to utilize it for a boho-themed style room, you need to know which other pieces to pair it with and rattan works well with it.

Boho-chic room designs has been making a huge comeback since the early 90s, and one of its most important decor pieces is rattan furniture. As it turns out, this natural material can make an amazing focal point for interior design and home furnishings because it's so flexible and durable. So if you're looking to add a vintage feel to your boho-style rooms, then you can have a boho space by adding rattan pieces and vintage items like dinnerware or vintage lamps.

Light it Up with Rattan Lamps

If you're planning on revamping your space into something more interesting, then your first step towards it should be the lighting. Few things will make all the difference to the overall look of the room than a well-placed lamp. Rattan is perfect for this purpose because it blends seamlessly with everything else that is already there so you don't have to worry about your décor being an eyesore.

The rattan lamp is a decorative accent piece that can be used in a variety of ways. It is a great addition to your patio, bedroom, living room, or anywhere you have a little nook to decorate with dim lighting. Let's step through the different ways that you can use this beautiful item of décor.

However, depending on what your area looks like, adding warm lights or string lights can enhance the space's overall look. Chandeliers are a good idea for bringing sophistication to your bohemian-style rooms while using lanterns and candles brings out a relaxing and calming vibe. But if you're looking for something modern, rattan lamps and glass lanterns will do the trick.

Layer Rugs and Rattan Chairs

Just because you want to embrace a boho style doesn't mean you need to give up the luxuries of home. While living "high on the hog" might not be within everyone's budget, it is possible to create a home with all of your favorite pieces while still staying true to your personal style. You don't have to give up all of your favorite luxury items or unique treasures if you stay true to the boho-on-a-budget aesthetic. This includes adding layers of rugs to your boho-themed rooms and spaces.

Layering rugs can seem intimidating. From not knowing how to compare and contrast patterns to being unsure which way to angle each rug, the task can seem daunting at first. However, layering rugs is definitely doable, even for beginners.

It's easiest to layer rugs from shortest to longest, with the tallest rug at the entrance and the lowest rug in the doorway. This way, you can move the rugs forward or back to ensure you're always best balancing the density of color throughout your space.

While you're busy coordinating the layer rugs you should also pay attention to the accent and design of your chairs may it be for your bedroom, living room, or any space in your house. Rattan chairs are one of the best and safest ways to pair with your layered rugs whilst achieving the bohemian aesthetic. When choosing chairs, it is best to consider the design, style, material, color, and size to make sure that it blends well with your rugs in terms of patterns and colors.

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Mirrors and Metallic accents

Often, the bohemian decor includes mirrors. This is because mirrors are a great way to create light and open up your space. Whether you want to enhance small spaces or huge ones, large-scale mirrors always do the trick!

Besides being a fantastic and artistic way to decorate your space, mirrors are also a genuine blessing. They can be used as a simple and beautiful decoration piece to add more color, light, and fun to your mood. The bohemian-style mirrors look great because they have strong colors that always remind us of summer, like orange, white, or multi-color prints and patterns. Bohemian mirrors also carry an exotic vibe that will surround your space with warmth and happiness.

While mirrors are a great addition to enhance the bohemian vibe, adding metallic hardware and accents is the perfect way to give off a sophisticated feel in the space and still not disrupt the theme. The colors and prints associated with bohemian decor are softer and more neutral, which means that adding pops of gold is an excellent way to liven up the space without taking away from the overall feel.

Bohemian Home Decor Tips

The list above is just ways to decorate your boho-chic home spaces but incorporating all the elements together and pulling off the boho-theme home decor without overdoing it is another thing. And here are some tips below to help you with it.

1. Having a mixture of textures, shapes, and colors often makes a room look well-designed. It's like placing styles together. You have to have a rough idea of what style you're aiming for, otherwise, things can get messy.

2. Black, dark, and super dark woods can almost overwhelm a room in a big way. They have so much presence that they can easily take over the feel of what you’re trying to create. Try smaller, more refined pieces in lightish woods instead of just black or dark.

3. Plants elevate a sitting space by turning it into something remarkably more cozy and welcoming! But there is so much more to having plants in your home than just adding green beauty and comfort. And it's a must for every boho-chic home aesthetic.

4. One of the most fun things about decorating a boho-chic is the plethora of patterns available. From florals and geometrics to botanicals and stripes, there is an array of patterns to choose from. One benefit to adding a pattern to a room is that it can help highlight other textures in the space, too. Plaids are classically paired with co-cottons and other natural materials; however, playing one pattern against another can be a fun way to add a new look to an existing space.

5. Decorating your home with things that you love to look at should be enjoyable. Make your home yours by choosing pieces that appeal to you and most of all make you happy. Even if you are going for a boho-chic style, you shouldn't compromise for adding elements that you want and love as well as be firm in rejecting things you dislike and considering adding just simply because it fits the theme you are going for.

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